Baro-electric effect & celestial magnetism

Baro-electric effect & celestial magnetism

Autor(s): V.I. Grigoriev, E.V. ...

The nature of the terrestrial magnetism has been creating a problem in geophysics. This book is devoted to the elaboration of the Sutherland hypothesis of the phenomenon proposed in 1903 and almost forgotten now. He supposed the electric charge redistribution in a celestial body under the action of inhomogeneous mechanical stresses (reaction against gravity) and the magnetic field moment resulted from the axial rotation of the charged body. In this book the effect is estimated quantitatively from the quantum theory point of view among others. To describe the magnetic field, generated because of the axial rotation of electrically charged object, electrodynamics of slowly rotating observer is developed. Presented are the estimates of planetary electric and magnetic fields created due to both its internal self-gravitation and external tidal influences. The contribution of the effect into the main geomagnetic field is estimated as approximately 10%. The contribution into the magnetic moments of giant planets is larger. Also considered are other possible geophysical manifestations of the effect including specific properties of the fair weather electricity and possible earthquake forerunners.

This book could be recommended not only to Ph.D. students, university faculty members, and researchers, but also to everyone interested in the application of scientific results.


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