Digital photogrammetry: theory and applications

Digital photogrammetry: theory and applications

Autor(s): Linder, Wilfried

Written from a learning by doing perspective, Digital Photogrammetry supplies everything a novice user needs to understand and perform basic photogrammetry. The combination of explanatory text and software and data on the accompanying CD-ROM leads users through all necessary steps, from initial scanning through final products such as ortho images and mosaics. All of the basic functions of digital photogrammetry are explained: image orientation, aerial triangulation measurement, bundle block adjustment, feature collection, terrain models, and final products. Ideal for geographers, cartographers, forest engineers and other experts working with aerial photos, the package takes readers through several tutorials, beginning with a simple example (stereo model), that show just how photogrammetry works. The included software constitutes a small but powerful Digital Photogrammetric Workshop that can be used for any project. Even 3-D images, viewable with the included 3-D glasses, are among the examples. System requirements: PC with Pentium IV processor or compatible with , 128 MB RAM, minimum 20 MB free disk space, 1024 x 768 Pixel or higher, 16 Bit HighColor; 32x CD-ROM drive; Windows XP/2000/NT 4.0


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