Women + Body Fat % Norms + Body Building

While 20-30% body fat is normal for the average female you need to get down to below 16% in order to start seeing your abs if you are a female body builder. Considering a pound of fat is 3,500 calories and you will only burn about 500 calories running a few miles this is a pretty tallĀ SR 9009 for sale order. Let’s look at the issue a bit closer.

In order to reduce your body fat to a sufficient level for competition a lot of women do sit ups and other ab specific exercises. This is great for developing and defining your abs. However, it does very little to burn fat, remember even running doesn’t do nearly enough to burn fat.

However, the nice thing about body building is that muscle weighs more than fat to begin with. So, the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn even when you are not working out. There are ways to increase your body’s ability to do this even more. Let’s take a look at your workout routine.

Are you spending a lot of time working on individual muscles, biceps, calves, glutes? Even though muscle helps burn fat there is a much better way to build the muscle.

You want to get off the machines and start doing compound free weight exercises such as the dead lift, clean and jerk, dumb bell snatches, bench press and others. These exercises work your entire body and, by doing so, throw your metabolism into shock and cause it to burn calories at a higher rate for days after.